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I hope you enjoy my underwater and coastal images. Please share the site with a friend or click the Facebook logo just to the left. Thanks.

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La Paz Mexico

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La Paz Mexico

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Palm Springs Public Art

Guestbook for Jim Boon Photography
10.Jim Nale(non-registered)
Hi Jim, great photography and passion. The black & white of the diver from Kittywake somehow is very peaceful. But I have always been a fan of black & white and how it can relate emotion.
All the Best
9.Craig Clark(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the pictures, you brought the underwater world is to life. Also like the way you edited some of the boat and landscape pic's. Great Job.
8.Alice Wiggins(non-registered)
Hi Jim and Catherine,
Jim Srygley shared your website with APTA's business members and I can tell you that it is great to find such an amazing life after transit. You give us hope :o)! I love the ocean and open seas -- and I love your fabulous underwater photography. Beautiful and Brave!
7.Catherine Boon(non-registered)
The dive site just keeps getting better. Keep going; love the colors
6.Stacy Gilmore DDS(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!! Especially the sea anemones (sp?) Very nice but I wish there were more to look at.
The guestbook is empty.